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So i had a poll on whether people would buy picture packs. 

Ther'es interest which is amazing, but most people wanna know more. 

So simply put, it's a full photoset, a pack of every not garbage photo of any bondage shoot i do, so all the steps of the tying, all the variants, different gags, whatever. In my tighter forms of ropework, or with lots of tape. It'll depend on what i have to work with. (Which is a lot)

Now, these packs could have upwards of 100 photos in them, and that's why there's a $20 price-tag floating over them, but i'd be happy to do several different packs too, like a bunch of $10 ones as well for  different say costumes or settings or whatever if you don't want everything. 

Any questions? Queries? death threats? 

How many of you guys would be interested in buying a like $10 pic pack of any of the bondage shoots i do? 

18 deviants said Yes
5 deviants said Eh
1 deviant said No


This is a simple thing I'm throwing up here to get back into my roleplay.

If you've seen my writing which I kinda assume you have since we'll you're reading this, then you know my likes. My dislikes however I'll list here.
- no guys tied up. Sorry on this count, it just doesn't entice me.
-no terrible grammar, give me long responses because I will certainly try to.
-don't give me, "he tied me up" I need detail.
-I won't do scat, gore, Furry or anything in the category of inflation.

If you'd like to try me. Just comment or note me, promise I won't bite, or I will if that's what you like

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    UA, the centre of heroics based academia in the Central Eastern Prefectures of Japan, a school built to enshrine the values of a heroic society and apparently one with an overabundance of crisis.


    Walking down the slowly emptier halls of the main school building, a brunette and an oddly green-haired walk. In their hands they each hold a can of juice and smiles plaster their faces as they walk.

    “Deku, what’re you planning on doing once we graduate?” a bubbly, rosey-cheeked brunette chirped; completely brimming with energy as they walked. Her curvaceous and toned form swinging tantalisingly in her stone-grey and deep green school uniform. Her neat bob of hair remained almost perfectly still as she sauntered down alongside the green-haired girl, who’s energy was considerably lesser than her friend.

    A sigh and a yawn emerged from the green-haired girl’s lips as she stretched, her scarred and muscular arms extending far overhead as she walked. Her lack of a blazer forced her chest to press delicately up against her blouse and frame her firm bosom under the near see-through fabric of the shirt, but luckily, no one else seemed around to notice. Her self-consciousness remained alleviated as she walked.

    “Sorry… just damn I’m tired” Deku responded, a scarred hand rustling through her frazzled hair. Somehow having retained the same curled and wild shape no matter what she did. Straightening it usually worked, but the effort outdid the catharsis she was provided by the action.

    “Ah. I see, I think I’m going to go visit my family. I can start to help them with work while I have time. My agency is still a bit overstaffed right now, so they’re letting me have some time off” the buoyant brunette explained merrily. She maintained her bubbly smile the entire conversation, even as her voice slowed.

    Deku nodded attentively, her attention having returned quickly, “I was going to do some more training with All-Might, but he’s being called up to consult on something soon, so I’ll have to focus on some training myself, or I’ll have to take up part-time work with another agency to keep myself busy. Too much time has passed since the last big villain attack and I need to be ready for it” the green-haired hero-to-be said with a resolute glare, but a curious glance from the brunette broke her stoicism rapidly.

    “You really don’t waste time, do you?” the brunette giggled.

    “W-well Ochaco, you are going out to see your family and help them and Iida’s taking up work at his brother’s agency, so I can’t just sit still” Deku confirmed and another smile broke the brunette’s lips in response.

    They shared another laugh and continued. They were already in sight of their classroom by the time they’d finished talking and silently entered after throwing their empty cans in the bin by the door. Within a wild show of personality was erupting as the members of class A raucously chatted and laughed and argued.

    The duo entered without much acknowledgement and filed into the two empty seats in the centre of the spacious classroom. To their left sat the outrageously pink airhead Mina Ashido with her head planted against the desk, fast asleep and to the two seats on the right was the studious Momo Yaoyorozu, eyes carefully peeling over a book as she held conversation with the girl further to the right, a female student with her head lulled back and thee two earphone jacks for her earlobes danced above moving the pages of a magazine over every so often.

    Across the room cries of laughter erupted and the seconds ticked by, with the duo of Ochaco and Deku sitting and chatting lightly before a bell tolled through the PA system and the room fell silent. As soon as it had finished, the door slid open abruptly and a man wearing a series of bandages for a scarf and heavy bags under his eyes entered.

    His mess of black hair bounced with him as he strode to the podium at the front of the room and he slammed his books down upon it. A thud sounded off and no one responded. Signs of a smile even crept across his face as silence remained. Though those signs quickly dissipated as he stood upright and surveyed the room.

    “Glad to see everyone’s nice and lively this morning” he commented, eyes lingering on the still dozing Mina in the corner. His gaze left her though, no comment being made.

    “Today’s timetable will be going a touch differently. As now all of you have turned eighteen, we can finally get around to teaching you a rather important lesson. Which mercifully I will not have to be a part of. Soon enough another instructor will step in to give you further details, but for now I will tell you that you shall be doing a capture and escape training session.” The grizzled man scowled. His crusty eyes lingered on the still sleeping girl in the corner again, but once more he remained silent on the scene.

    A hand shot up at the front of the class and a male student with dark hair shot up. His massive frame pushed against his uniform to paint a powerful figure.

    “Yes, class rep?” the tired man responded.

    “Will you please enlighten us as to what you mean by ‘capture and escape’, Aizawa-Sensei?!” Iida Tenya erupted with a shout. His overexcitement and too-serious tone overlapping as he spoke.

    “Good to see some excitement in here” the instructor responded, his eyes locked with the dazed black and gold globes in Mina’s head. She remained tired from shooting awake, but the expression of worry on her face told everyone she knew something was up. “It’s a simple experiment. Froom the end of homeroom today. You’ll be doing training aimed at improving your skills in restraint and escape. With all members of the class pairing off and taking turns in ensuring the other cannot escape a certain room on campus” Aizawa replied blankly.

    Dull murmurs broke out across the room and Deku’s confused eyes turned to Ochaco, who shared her muddled gaze. A stray glance further back met the fiery eyes of a blonde, busty girl in the back who appeared to have had a flame lit beneath her with how lively she seemed. It was like she could barely contain herself in her seat as her eyes blazed with confidence.

    “That is a startlingly vague answer sensei!” Iida pushed, still standing.

    “I’m aware. Give it… five seconds” Aizawa commented and silence returned to the room. Bemused glances were passed around the room and before anyone could pursue the reason for the time limit, the answer presented itself. The door to the classroom burst to the side and an outrageously dressed black-haired woman stood in the doorway in a skin-tight white bodysuit, a waist cinching corset built into her leotard, high heeled boots, a domino mask, collar and a set of broken cuffs hanging from her wrists and ankles.

    She remained a stunningly beautiful woman every time she appeared and her shimmering blue eyes were brimming with excitement as she strode across the room. There was an unmistakably powerful energy of joy beaming from her as she came to replace Aizawa at his podium.

    She didn’t pass anything more than a glance as they switched places and he made for the door.

    “You’ll be under the tuition of Midnight for the remainder of the week. I’d cancel any plans you have for the weekend” the grizzley teacher warned as he left the room, but his dishevelled face reappeared in the doorway a moment later. “Midnight, if you need a volunteer, make use of miss Ashido” he concluded and was gone with the door slamming shut after him.

    An awkward silence kept the room in check, but it was quickly shattered by the excited cheer of midnight. “Oh, how I’ve waited for this event since I first laid eyes on this class when you first came to UA. It’s time to test your mental and physical fortitude in a new and exciting way!” the woman cheered with a creepy amount of sexuality tacked onto every word.

    Iida had fallen silent in his seat now, intrigued at the prospect no doubt. Any mention of personal growth or challenge was enough for him to be sated, but it was the reserved Ochaco who put her hand up.

    A stern look had crossed her usually bubbly face, “um, Midnight-Sensei, Aizawa-sensei mentioned that we had to wait till the class was eighteen for this. Might I ask why?”

    A few quiet mutterings seconded her question.

    Midnight chuckled heartily and strode out in front of her podium, “well my dear Uravity, it’s because the means we will use to test this can be seen as a tad risqué. Thus, it was mandated that we wait until you had all come of age before we began this part of your growth as heroes. We need to test you on everything after all. No villain will simply stop at binding your hands and feet if they truly wish to keep you restrained.” Midnight wore a smile through her whole explanation, one that grew continuously as she spoke.

    Ochaco’s hand lowered and she didn’t press any more questions, “I hope this makes sense to all of you. It’s a simple task after all. Though we shall retire to your dormitories before we go on” Midnight commented and strode to the door. “The lesson will be continuing in fifteen minutes in the ground floor living space, I expect you all to put your confusion aside and be ready for a challenge!” she declared and opened the sliding door.

    The class sat in shock, but Iida shot up and marched for the exit, “no time to dally!” he commanded and charged off so fast his blush would’ve been missed by everyone but the most eagle-eyed.

    A short, lecherous creature scampered off after him with a horrendous chuckle leaving its mouth as it moved.

    Ochaco lifted from her seat soon after with a light blush lighting her face, “Ochaco? Are you okay?” Deku asked and her blush grew. The brunette panicked and threw her hands up in defence.

    “Y-yes, I’m fine. I-I’m just a bit confused” she mumbled and Deku rose and walked over her, coming to stand by a slightly shorter girl with her long mane of moss-green hair tied into a cute bow at her waist. Her strangely bland expression tilted as she looked at Ochaco.

    “Don’t worry, it’s all being administered by the teachers, there’s nothing to worry about” she commented and patted Ochaco on the shoulder with one of her rather large hands.

    Soon the class had filtered from the room in a slow procession until Deku and Ochaco had slinked out, garnering a sharp glare from the spikey-haired blonde in the back.

    “Kachan is awfully Kachan-like today” Ochaco stated as they walked.

    Deku nodded slowly in response.


    With the class having reconvened in the lounge setting in their dormitory, purpose built by the school for a boarding system. Midnight had brought out several large suitcases.

    It would have been a lie if anyone in the class had said they weren’t at least a little bit intrigued by the presence of the bags, but they all had been at the school long enough to know they’d be explained soon. Once they were all seated and quiet, the explanation came too.

    “Now. We will be remaining in this building from today, being Thursday, until Monday. If you manage to escape your bonds, you will have to ensure that your partner does not, and if they manage to escape, everyone who fails to escape by the morning of the next day, will fail and must retry with another failure. All male students are however exempt from being restrained, so you can opt to restrain or we will be running a secondary class for you. As there are only six of your who are male however, this won’t disrupt the gender balance of the class.” Midnight explained calmly and quickly. She was clearly eager to begin.

    “Any questions?” Midnight followed up her short explanation and unsurprisingly Iida’s hand shot up.

    “Why will the males be exempt?” he asked diligently.  

    “That’s simple. 99% of male heroes will not be captured, they will instead be killed or seriously injured instead” she replied.

    “Would it not make more sense for the male students to then prepare to be that 1% then?”  Iida continued his barrage of questions.

    Midnight let a slight chuckle go before composing herself, “this is a good point, but that is the international statistic, in Japan, there have been three cases of a male hero being captured instead of being maimed or killed. The likelihood is so slim that it is far more beneficial if we simply reinforce your self-defence and personal awareness skills” the instructor said. Iida nodded firmly and dropped back into his spot on a lounge beside a masked, six-armed student.

    “Any other questions?”

    This time it was the voluptuous beauty of the class, Yaoyorozu. “I would like to ask what instruction we will receive if any on how to complete this challenge” the jet black-haired girl prompted.

    Midnight smiled wide and hoisted one of her bags up by the shoulder strap and unzipped it. She poured the contents out of the bag and soon a mountain of rope had built up on the floor before her with several rolls of tape and bags of long plastic cables joining it at the base.

    “I will be showing you how to tie the knots, you will have to improvise. This is about assessing your abilities, hence why the failures will have to continue, while those that succeed continue on” Midnight snapped back with her usual charming smile.

    “We will be using rope?” Momo stammered in embarrassed shock.

    “That’s right, specialty made, interwoven with steel and able to maintain its form without burning or snapping from pressure or extreme heat” Midnight stated while staring directly at Ashido who could only muster a gulp.

    “I will need a helper now, so any of the male students who do not wish to take part in restraining their female classmates, you may go to your rooms or leave the dorm, but make sure you return her by midday” Midnight said and all but one of the six male students left. Only Mineta remained, his eyes plastered on the ropes before him.

    “Ashido, please come forth and remove your blazer” the older woman commented and the pink-skinned girl awkwardly teetered across the room. She removed her jacket as she did, leaving her prodigious chest to press up against her blouse tentatively.

    “You will want to undo your top two buttons also” Midnight added and the girls looked about nervously as Mina acceded to the request.

    Now sat upon the wooden coffee table in the centre of the room, Mina’s long, shapely legs hung off the side and she kept her slender, but strong arms planted at her side. She sat silently with a wild blush across her face.

    “Now. Pay careful attention here” Midnight explained.

    Deku was tempted by the call to attention to draw out her notebook and take notes, but she managed to supress the urge, experience will trump anything I can write down, she told herself and watched as Midnight drew her first, long length of white rope. She doubled it over and held it out, showing the length of it to herself rather than the class. She nodded and knelt beside the girl, collecting Mina’s hands and drawing them together carefully behind her back. Without any prompting or questioning, she began to draw the rope against Mina’s bare wrists before collecting both ends around them and drawing the two original ends of the cord through a loop she’d made. A sharp yank solidified the girl’s wrists being trapped together and then she began wrapping the doubled-up rope around and around her wrists six times before splitting the length and winching it between her forearms with another harsh tug that brought a wince from the now restrained teen.

    “Th-this is pretty tight” she chuckled nervously. Midnight laughed in response and brought something from another bag that brought a chorus of gasps from the crowd of onlookers. The large rubber ball with two straps attached to it was an unfamiliar sight to Deku, but she took notice of the fact that Kachan and Mineta looked rather familiarly upon the item.

    “I will need silence from you during this” the teacher stated and pushed the massive red orb into the girl’s jaw. She protested with a weak squeak, but it was no surprise that the ball once jammed thoroughly behind the girl’s teeth had kept her perfectly silent for anything beyond a simple plaintive whimper.

    The straps of the device were tightened with another tight pull and Midnight brought up her next length of rope. She used it in the same motions as the first and had Mina’s sock clad ankles tied together in an inescapable bind. She nodded and moved up the girl’s supple calves, tying three more lots of rope around her legs at her mid-calf, just above her knees and an inch below the hem of her short skirt. Mina kept a string of shocked whimpers going the whole way through, but all were dwarfed by the colossal squeal she let off when her elbows were dragged together until they connected behind her back by another long band of rope.

    Mina’s reaction was one of surprise before it was one of pain. She was a dancer, Deku could recall the first cultural festival they’d held and the dance number she’d taught the class. She was clearly capable of quite a lot of flexibility, but seeing her muscular form writhe as the ropes kept her restrained, it made Deku think to surprise as the source of her squeal and the subsequent drool dripping down her sharp chin.

    “See. Most villains will simply tie your wrists together and that’s it, but if you… tie the elbows together!” Midnight said with several pauses followed by great heaves of exertion as she pulled and tightened her knots at the girl’s elbows and again with another line of rope around her biceps. “You will find that it is quite impossible to escape” Midnight stated, already readying another loop of rope to be pulled under the girl’s heaving chest.

    Deku and Ochaco both leaned back in unison in confusion at the motion, but the green-haired student noticed Mineta’s eyes lingering on the exposed cleavage of Mina as her elbows touching had forced her large breasts to thrust out quite temptingly.

    Deku shook her head though and forced herself to look away from her classmate’s boobs and focused on the ropework. Which was easier said than done as Midnight had just doubled the rope back over the girl’s breasts, this time above them before she’d knotted that line of rope off to her elbows bonds, keeping her arms now glued to her back before she twisted the doubled-up loop of rope over Mina’s shoulder and down between her swelling chest.

    This line of rope was tied to the bottom line of Mina’s chest harness and pulled on hard until her tits had pressed up as much as they could. A few careful and daring twists of rope saw Mina’s breasts threatening to burst from her bra and blouse, but fortunately for the girl, they did not.

    Midnight dusted her hands off and took a deep breath, before she pushed Mina onto her side and slid her onto her belly atop the table. She collected one last rope and threaded it from her ankles to her bicep ropes. She pulled hard until her feet were poking into her shoulders and then knotted the short amount of slack left over to the girl’s feet again.

    “I hope you all took careful notice of this. Because I want you to do it far tighter than this and far more creatively at that!” the older woman exclaimed, “I’ll be grading you on your aesthetics as much as your practicality, be sure of it” she laughed heartily, but fell deadly serious a moment later.

    The collection of girls kept watching the squirming, but ultimately helpless Mina and then turned to each other nervously.

    “You may choose your partners, but I’d prefer it if you worked with someone who will not go easy on you” Midnight added and immediately another voice shouted out something.

    “I dibs Yaomomo!” a  high pitched squeal came and unsurprisingly the short teenage male Mineta was standing with his hand raised and lust on his face.

    “That’s what I want to see! Very well! Here you go” Midnight rapidly responded, handing one of her many bags of items over to the short boy who greedily snatched it and then locked his beady little eyes onto Momo, who had crossed her legs defensively and had a hand indignantly on her chest.

    “Off you two go, no arguments” the older woman pressured and Momo reluctantly rose and trotted after him. “use one of the empty rooms on the second floor. They’ve all been outfitted with a bed and various other things as well as food and water for the weekend.”

    Neither responded, but both clearly heard her as Momo’s pace slowed and Mineta’s sped up.

    The next to stand up was Jiro; the plain girl with the earphone jacks for ear lobes, but it wasn’t of her own accord. What looked like a walking school uniform had been pressed up against her with one arms lingering near hers. The girl in the uniform, the invisibility quirk girl, Toru Hagakure was the one to speak through unseen lips, “I’d like to work with Jiro!” she said excitedly and Midnight nodded approvingly, passing another duffel bag to the duo as a furiously blushing Jiro was dragged off by the girl.

    “T-then I’d like to go with D-“, “I’m taking Deku!” Ochaco had begun, but Kachan interrupted her. The beautiful, energetic and violently abrupt Kachan had launched from her seat and snatched Deku’s wrists, dragging her up with her.

    “H-hey! Wait Kachan!” Deku tried to protest, but Midnight seemed to sign off with a nod.

    “it’s good to have an unwilling subject, it’ll make it more driving to bind and escape” the dark-haired woman nodded firmly. Deku felt her heart drop through to her stomach and she cast a worried glance back at Ochaco as she sat with the last five girls. Todoroki; the red and white haired, stoic beauty. Kaminari; the electric blonde. Kaminari; the muscular, energetic, vibrant redhead. Mina; who had given up struggling and Tsuyu, who had now moved beside Ochaco and was in the middle of saying she’d partner up with her.

    “We’ll finally settle who’s better” Kachan hissed under breath as she dragged Deku along and up the stairs to the second floor, just in time to catch the door slam shut behind Jiro and Hagakure. They found themselves on a level with eight rooms. Above the door to each was a sign that was either lit or not; only two were currently dim, those being what Deku had assumed currently had their classmates within.

    Kachan had pulled her along before she got a chance to take the floor in and they were already in a room a moment later. She wasn’t given a chance to take in the living space before she was thrown down and she already was having something crammed into her mouth. A large foam wad that was meticulously jammed into her open jaws, filling it to the brim and nearly making her choke on the excessive stuffing.

    Deku tried to protest as she was slowly having her mouth stuffed with what she surmised must have been the type of sponge one used at a car wash, but Kachan silenced her further with the tearing of a roll of tape. Soon it had been pressed down over her heavily parted lips and wound around and around, without care for getting her hair stuck under the sticky black substance.  

    “I’m not losing again” the fiery blonde hissed as she pulled out the first of many long zip ties. Deku gulped mutedly and closed her eyes. This would be a long weekend. 

My Bondage Academia
Does this take the cake as the laziest title i've ever made? Yes, yes it does. I am not proud of this title, it sucks. 

However, here is the boku no hero academia bondage story i promised! I however ended up genderbending half the cast and couldn't decide who i wanted tied up, so in the ened everyone will be and there will be a secon chapter written ! I am even writing it now as i post this one! It just wasn't going to be finished tonight. 

I don't know why but my mind just refuses to let me do mroe than 4100 words a post, though if i tried, i could finish the full 8000 words in another two hours, but oh well. You guys just have to wait another twenty-four hours!

I've rambled on quite a bit now haven't I? Oh well, enjoy! and more importantly, let me know any ideas you guys have about some creative ways to tie the lovely ladies of this wonderful universe!


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love a little bit of bondage writing, or serious writing, hopefully will become a professional author some day.


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